When it comes to wallpaper, people often either love it or hate it. But no matter who you are, what your design style, or what your home is like, there is a wallpaper out there, that is perfect for you.

Wallpaper can enhance any home. From creating gorgeous feature walls to adding a little character where paint can’t; there are many reasons to fall in love with wallpaper.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider adding paper to your home, including how to choose the best style for you and the best practices when it comes to installation…

Wallpaper: Everything You Need to Know


Paper can make a huge statement in the home, but for many, this can seem like an intimidating prospect. In reality, wallpapering can make as much of a statement as you want it to. With a design that suits your personal style, it can be as subtle or as loud as you want it to be.

To help you visualise how your choice of wallpapers will look in your room, we always recommend the use of wallpaper samples.   Samples offer a good idea of the scale, colour and texture of the designs in your home. The appearance of wallpaper can vary depending upon lighting conditions so it’s helpful to see your wallpaper sample with natural or artificial lighting, viewing during the day and evening is helpful too. Also, consider the direction that your room is facing as natural light can either be warm or cool depending on the direction of the light source.


Focal walls are a quick way of updating your room, but make sure you work with proportions of the room and pick a paper design to suit. If proportions are small don’t go for a large scale print go for something a bit smaller and more subtle. Don’t be scared to try something new, grab a sample and hang it up in the space.  Sometimes the rules of design can be wrong!

Wallpaper: Everything You Need to Know | Laura Ashley Blog

Rather than adding wallpaper to chimney’s, apply the wallpaper either side into the alcoves to highlight the space and give the illusion of the alcoves coming forward.

When choosing a paint to support your wallpaper for alternative walls, go for the predominant colour in the paper dependant on how much drama you want to add.

Tips for matching your blinds in with your interiors

Paste the Wall technology means that decorating has never been speedier or more straightforward – most importantly no pasting table is required and you no longer need to soak the wallpaper before hanging. Removal is so much easier too – paste the wall peels off without the need to steam or soak. With many options to choose from, creating the perfect look for your home is now a simple pleasure.