Is your yard a nonstop job ? My is, year around. The summer is finding flowers to bloom at different times so you always have color everywhere. Having a nice manicured lawn also takes work. In the fall it is clean up times as everything dies off unless you live in a warm area where plants and trees thrive year around. Winter is still cleaning up what didn’t fall off the trees already. Spring is time to get the ground ready to start over again with all the beautiful plants.

There are many decorative items that you can add to your yard to set it off. I like gnomes we have many to choose from.

Solar Gnome On Welcome BenchSolar Red Bird Rocking Chair GnomeTerra Cotta Pot Gnome  Solar Statue On Strike Garden Gnome


Also decorations to put out on holidays and events can be festive.

The homeowner association in our neighborhood has a contest going for the best lawn, best flowers, best rock work and most improved yard. It has been great to see how home owners are responding. As a result our neighborhood is looking nicer.